Disney World best and worst times to go  

A Florida resident's unofficial guide to the happiest place on earth

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Disney World Guide


Disney World Information by a Florida resident.

My name is Kristen. I am a Tampa resident and spend about 30 days a year at the parks throughout the season. Many great experiences and memories and other times that could have been better.

I hold a season pass, which makes it easy and inexpensive to visit the parks either for a daily visit or a week end stay.

As you can tell by now, I am crazy about Disney World!I have an MBA in market research. As you can probably guess, my job is tuned to gauging customers likes and dislikes. This gives me a unique prospective on how any business provides services and products.

My free time is spent (and I do not have much) doing what I enjoy the most. This means getting the best out of hard earned dollars, which means going to the beach and of course, Disney World.

The quality assessment of my experiences with the parks, hotels and resorts is personal but always with my professional perspective of customer research.







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