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Disney World Tickets and Packages


With so many ticket choices and vacation packages available, you may be wondering:

What are the best options for my vacation needs?
How do I find the best deals?
How do I make sense of all the choices?

The first step in your Disney World vacation planning is to answer for yourself one very simple question:  Which of the following is most important to you as you plan your Disney World vacation?

A: Convenience - I want all of my concerns – park tickets, hotel, airline and other transportation – to be taken care of with the least amount of effort on my part.

B: Flexibility -  I’m not sure what my family will want to do when we get there – which parks or events we’ll want to spend the most time on, if we’ll want to visit a water park, if we’ll want to spend down time swimming at the hotel – so I need the maximum flexibility of choices.

C: Price - I’m on a budget, so I need to save wherever and whenever I can; OR, I would like to get the most vacation value for my dollar.


Convenience and Flexibility

If your answer was a or b, you might seriously want to consider one of the Disney World Vacation Packages offered and sold by the Disney Company.  You will probably pay a bit more than you would if you went “a la carte” (see more about this below), but this will give you the most convenience and flexibility for your money.  When you book a Disney World Vacation Package, the Disney Company arranges everything for you – from tickets to hotel, to airfare, to ground transportation once you arrive.  Depending on how much you are willing able to spend, you will be staying at a Resort on the Disney World property – a Deluxe (most expensive), Moderate (moderately expensive), or Value (least expensive).  Since all of these are on the Disney property, each offers complimentary, quick transportation to all of the parks (see my Hotels page for the Resorts that are most convenient to the parks, and other details).  Also included in your package is transportation from Orlando Airport directly to your hotel, and park tickets for the length of your stay.  As I hinted at earlier, you may be paying for more tickets than you actually want to use.  For example, for maximum convenience and flexibility, you may select a Base Ticket with the Park Hopper option, plus Water Parks and More, with the No Expiration option – which would be the most expensive ticket choice (see further details on my Ticket Chart).  However, once you get there, you may decide to relax and unwind for a couple of days at your Resort’s pool, rather than visit the parks.  Or, you may decide to visit a Water Park for just one day of your visit.  In this case, you are paying extra for tickets you may not use.  That said – this is definitely the safest way to go, if you’re not sure what you’ll want to do once you get there, or you definitely want to be close to park transportation.  Additionally, the Disney Resort experience is simply amazing, and well worth the extra dollars you’ll spend (see my Hotels page for more details on Disney Resort features and benefits).

Deals and Discounts

If, on the other hand, you answered c to the question above, there are definitely deals and discounts to be had through outside vendors.  These will certainly save you some money, but you may have to sacrifice convenience and quick service that the Disney Company vacation plans provide.  Please see my Disney Discounts, Deals and Special Offers page for an up to date list of current deals and discounts offered.

Ticket Chart
Below is a list of current Disney World  2008 “Magic Your Way” ticket prices*, along with a description of each type of ticket you can choose.  These are the prices you will pay at the gate, as part of a Disney Vacation Package, or online at Disney’s website (Please see my Disney Discounts, Deals and Special Offers page for a list of outside authorized ticket sellers that offer discounts).  Please be aware, in addition to the below prices, you will pay 6.5% Florida sales tax.  (To see Disney company prices on tickets covering 8 days or more, please go online to:


1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

6 Days

7 Days

Base Ticket (1)















Base Ticket (1) (Child)























Park Hopper Option (2)

Add $45.00

Add $45.00

Add $45.00

Add $45.00

Add $45.00

Add $45.00

Add $45.00









Water Park Fun & More (3)

Add $50.00

Add $50.00

Add $50.00

Add $50.00

Add $50.00

Add $50.00

Add $50.00









No Expiration(4)


Add $15.00

Add $20.00

Add $45.00

Add $60.00

Add $65.00

Add $95.00


*Note:  If you are an Annual Passholder, Florida resident, or Florida Seasonal Passholder, discounted ticket prices apply.  Please see my Disney Discounts, Deals and Special Offers page for more information.

(1)The “Magic Your Way” Base Ticket admits you to one of the four Disney Theme Parks per day (either Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot or Disney’s Hollywood Studios).
(2)The “Park Hopper” option allows you to visit one or more of the four Disney Parks per day.
(3)The “Water Park Fun & More” add-on allows you to visit your choice of five Disney attractions:  Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Blizzard Beach Water Park, DisneyQuest, Disney’s Wide World of Sports, or Downtown Disney Pleasure Island.  The number of visits to these venues you are allowed varies depending on the number of days of the Base Ticket you have purchased.
(4)The “No Expiration” option gives your tickets no expiration date.  If you do not purchase this option, all of your tickets will expire 14 days after first use. 









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