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The Parks - For Adults and Older Kids


Epcot also has a lot to offer the older crowd.

Test Track (Future World, Test Track Pavilion)
Awesome - Don't miss this one! Older kids, teens and adults alike will be thrilled by this auto test track simulator. The test track cars seat 6 each, so the whole family can go together (anyone over 40 inches, that is). This popular ride tends to fill up fast, so be sure to hit this one early in the morning, or take advantage of Fast Pass.

Mission Space
Only for the toughest thrill-seekers among you! A very intense ride that simulates space flight, often causing motion sickness. This said, my husband always goes again and again. However, Disney has recently split the ride into two areas - the "Orange Team" is the original simulation; while the "Green Team" offers a milder ride, without the spinning effects.

Soarin' (The Land)
A flight simulator lets you "fly" on a "hang-glider" with spectacular IMAX scenery. Mild enough for younger kids as well (over 40 inches in height). Another very popular ride - but sure to hit it first thing in the morning, or use FAST PASS.

Living with the Land (The Land)
A boat ride through Disney's extensive greenhouses and fish farm. With older ones, be sure to take the "backstage" tour for a special hands-on experience (available by reservation, for an additional fee).

The Living Seas
Though they may be too old for the Nemo ride and Turtle Talk with Crush, don't miss the spectacular aquariums in this exhibit - everything from sharks and dolphins to stingrays and jellyfish.







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