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General Disney World Information and Where to Buy Packages

Disney World is located in Orlando, FL. It was built in 1971 in what was then "pure" farm land. For the first time visitor, it is sometimes hard to grasp how wide the area is. To make some comparisons, it is twice the size of Manhattan and it spans several miles across all directions. It is very possible to get lost while going from one location to another. The good news is that the signs are for the most part pretty clear.

The are offers entertainment for pretty much anyone. From bass fishing, golf to obviously the theme parks, mom, dad and the children can all find an outlet.

Although a car is recommended especially with children, public and private transportation is very good. Having a car saves time, especially considering that sometimes one of two buses may be needed to get from point A to point B.

Because Orlando is centrally located between Florida's two coasts, it is very convenient to take the car for a daily visit to the beach or the Kennedy Space Center.

Disney World Packages

Packages including trip, room, meals and tickets are a very convenient way for people to visit without the hassle of buying everything a la carte. Packages are offered through the Walt Disney Travel Company. Buying packages does not necessarily mean you will be saving money. The only possible exception is during low season, when Disney may offer discounts.

Disney World tends to offer the best package discounts for families who stay for a period of one week or more. It makes business sense as it insures the company of a steadier booking rate.







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