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Best Times to Go to Walt Disney World

My favorite times to go to Walt Disney World are late August through early October, late November through early December, and January through early February.  A combination of low crowds, beautiful weather and cheaper vacation package/hotel rates make these ideal times to visit.  Late November and early December, especially, not only are uncrowded but also offer visitors the chance to see the fantastic Holiday decorations.  In January, though, the weather may be a bit chilly, with average temperatures hovering in the mid 60s.   By the same token, August and September can be a bit hot and humid, averaging in the upper 80s. (see also my Weather page).

One important consideration to keep in mind: The hurricane season goes through the summer to well into October. August and September are prime months. Always keep this in mind when booking. Disney World hotels are very solidly built and up to code. You can normally find out information regarding the weather when you book flights either through a travel agent or on a site similar to Fly.com. It is definitely worth doing this so there are no surprises when you get there. If there is any place I would rather weather a hurricane in Florida, it would probably be there. Because Orlando is not on the water, hurricanes usually decrease in force because of the time they have to spend on land to get to Orlando. It would take a huge system going on land as a category 4 or 5, and then shooting straight for Orlando, to do some heavy damage. It is possible but not extremely likely.

Another good time to go to Disney World is May through early June. Vacation packages/hotel prices are a bit higher, and you'll find the parks more crowded, but the weather is lovely.

Mid February to mid April is possibly the longest stretch of the year where the parks are extremely crowded. The reason is simple: Spring Break, Easter, and great weather make this time a very high traffic period. Don't get me wrong, it is still great but if, like my husband, you do not have tolerance for long lines and people dodging, it is best to stay away. And of course, the absolute worst time in terms of crowds is the last 10 days of December.

Another time to possibly avoid is mid summer (mid June through late August), not because of the crowds but mostly the weather. It gets extremely hot and humid, even for us Floridians, in the middle of the day. Children do not have the ability to withstand heat as well, and this can be a dangerous or at least uncomfortable situation. Bring lots of water and cool off in the many air conditioned areas available.  If you decide to go at this time, be sure to bring rain gear and an umbrella, since thunderstorms can pop up at any time of day, and happen on an almost daily basis.
On the other hand, busy times of the year are where a lot of the special events happen and if you want to catch any of them, then by all means visit.

One last warning: there is always the possibility that the parks will close during the high season, when maximum capacity is reached. It happens!








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